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“In 2015, we began our Community Paramedicine program within the fire department. As time went on, I wanted to expand my services to the community, and bring a new level of physician access to my patients. I was already visiting patients in their homes, taking their vitals signs, and speaking with their physicians, but I wanted to do something that no other agency around me was doing.

I eventually partnered with J&B Medical and HNC Virtual Solutions, and haven’t looked back. They supplied me with Telemedicine equipment which allowed me to electronically send patient vital signs to a physician and also the ability to have a video conference with the physician and the patient, without the patient having to leave their home.

The sales and IT representatives from J&B Medical and HNC have been outstanding to work with, and are always there to answer any questions I may have. They are constantly striving to make my experience better, and have tailored the equipment to my needs and the needs of my patients, without hesitation.

I look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come!”

Aaron Vance, Community Paramedic
City of Monroe Fire Department

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