A seven-year-old boy who lives in a remote village in Ghana was saved through telemedicine thanks to HNC Virtual Solutions, a telehealth solutions company. HNC donated a set of its telemedicine equipment to two health centers located in remote rural communities within the region. These centers were located at about a 3-hour and a 16-hour driving distance from the capital respectively.


This seven-year-old boy, who was seen in one of the remote centers, had bilateral swelling of the parotid region/neck and was being treated by nurses for approximately a month with no signs of improvement.


                          Figure 1: Before diagnosis and treatment.

With the introduction of the telemedicine equipment provided by HNC, the nurses were able to consult remotely with a doctor, which resulted in accurate diagnosis of TB Lymphadenitis and HIV infection. It was later found that the boy’s mother had died a few months earlier of a condition suspected in retrospect to be AIDS and TB.

The young lad has completed TB treatment and is currently doing well on ART.


                     Figure 2:  Six (6) months after initiation of treatment

In these two remote communities, many other patients who otherwise had slim chances of being treated by a doctor in their lifetime have been helped due to the introduction of telemedicine. In fact, in the center where this boy was treated, more than 200 patients were helped through telemedicine in the first quarter of 2015.