Telemedicine provided by HNC Virtual Solutions

Currently, a shared goal worldwide is to slow the spread of Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The need for social distancing and quarantine is increasing in order to flatten the curve – and so does the need for telemedicine. At HNC Virtual Solutions, we consider ourselves subject-matter experts on this topic; we strive not only to provide top-tier technology solutions, but to educate everyone on what can be done in times such as these.

HNC Virtual Solutions has multiple platforms that can assist healthcare providers and clinics provide care remotely, reducing the risk of face-to-face interaction and the amount of people in emergency rooms and hospitals. Below is a list of technologies we use that are highly recommended for situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual Consultations

Virtual consultations help reduce the spread of infection by leveraging any doctor’s visit that could be completed without needing to be in person. Typically, this would be for visits such as behavioral health or seasonal allergies. In today’s climate, this provides social distancing, thus protecting public health. Remote symptom identification through virtual consultations can help patients and providers alike by identifying if they are potentially infected before leaving their homes. This makes for less crowding in hospitals and also protects others from exposure.

Remote Patient Monitoring

At HNC, our remote patient monitoring system assists in this matter by allowing patients to track vital information and monitor symptoms at home. The CDC advises that most patients, or the mildly symptomatic, who are infected with COVID-19 are to be self-treated at home and in quarantine. If symptoms worsen, they are to contact a doctor before going to a healthcare facility. With a remote patient monitoring system, patients can track:

  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • Spirometry test results

Our range of FDA Class-II medical devices can be used to help track non-critical patients at home, reducing the amount of time spent in the hospital and resulting in more patients being treated.

Benefits Round-Up:

  • Reduce patient load on the hospitals by sending less serious cases home for monitoring.
  • Doctors can monitor more patients because their capabilities are extended.
  • If a patient is trending dangerously at home, monitoring doctors will receive automated alerts about that trend.
  • Equipment can be sterilized and repurposed for more than one patient.

Telemedicine Carts

Telemedicine carts can serve a number of different purposes to expand a hospital’s capabilities for sudden increases in demand; reducing unnecessary exposure by extending hospital access everywhere.

Benefits Round-Up:

  • Virtual triaging of patients.
  • Health screening access points at hospitals and other locations.
  • Minimizes staff exposure by having doctors meet patients virtually.
  • Specialty can be extended between hospitals through carts.

We at HNC are here to assist in any we can during this difficult time by utilizing our top-tier technology solutions and knowledgeable staff. If you would like to learn more about telemedicine or our platform, please contact an HNC representative at or (855) 2-VideoDoc® (3363).

As always, we highly recommend staying up-to-date with the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control for more information and updated on COVID-19.