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Virtual Solutions

Kiosk Solution

Our Kiosk Solution has many applications that stem from its design, servicing many patients with one set of equipment be it a medical cart or a mobile kit.

Our Kiosk Solution is similar to our Remote Patient Monitoring program, except that it allows for a user list so that the practitioner is able to select the patient for testing in the software.  This would be used for a practitioner going room to room taking vitals, or a travelling nurse aid going house to house in an assisted living scenario.

There is also a community / rural health application, where new users may be entered quickly and then their vitals tested.

The primary issue that affects rural health is a lack of access to care. This is because specialists are typically concentrated in cities and suburbs, leaving patients in rural areas with less resources for clinical help as well as less access to consultations. Small and large matters alike are needlessly delayed because of inadequate hours and staffing.

However, with HNC’s telemedicine kiosks, rural health systems can make specialists available remotely so that patients may connect with specialists virtually in order to receive proper care and consultation.

  • Uses

    • Community Health
    • Rural Health
    • Clinician Model
    • Nursing Home
    • Assisted Living
    • Tele-Stroke
    • Tele-Psychiatry
    • Urgent Care
    • Triage
    • Rural ER Management

Example Kiosk Devices



Additional Storage for Devices

Perfect for Physicians Offices, and Hospital Settings

To Order, phone (855) 2-VideoDoc (855-284-3363)



Pulse Oximeter

Blood Pressure Monitor