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Virtual Solutions

Tele-Stroke / Tele-Psych

Our Tele-stroke and Tele-psych programs make use of powerful high-definition PTZ cameras that can be controlled remotely by the care provider.  This video is transmitted using HIPAA and HI-TECH-compliant secure encryption.

This allows for close-up observation of the patient – even more so than being in-person.  Body language, micro-movements of the face, and more can be observed and recorded.  All video is date and time-stamped for billing and audit purposes.

  • Interaction

    • Patient to Healthcare professional
    • Healthcare Professional to Patient
    • ER to Specialist
  • Uses

    • Rural ER Management
    • Remote Virtual consultations

Example Tele-Stroke / Tele-Psych Devices



PTZ Camera

Software license and unique web portal

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Blood Pressure Monitor