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Virtual Solutions

EMS / Community Paramedic

Our EMS kit is designed to handle frequent use, abuse, and travel to any location in its base configuration. Each one is custom-built to suite your needs with various touch-screen sizing options, an extensive list of easy-to-use wireless medical peripherals that in itself is a mobile clinic, and our intuitive telehealth software available on iOS, Android, or Windows that ties it all together. Our kit connects wirelessly to cellular data from any major carrier and transmits all PHI to our HIPAA and HITECH compliant cloud-based provider portal.

This telehealth kit performs most of the busy work for you by streamlining the process of selecting a patient, and then tying all of the electronic vital readings to that patient on our provider portal without the need for any record-keeping on part of the paramedic. The results are real-time, so the use-case could be expanded to live virtual consultations with physicians, psychiatrists, and specialists during follow-up visits. The participating remote physicians already have full access to the patient’s community paramedic vitals information and history either through our portal or optional EHR integration, so using HNC’s electronic system further streamlines the process by centralizing the data.

This is especially useful for getting a better grasp on the opioid crises as it affects the Community Paramedic program. Studies show that an EMS response strictly to the physiological aspect to an opioid overdose often leaves the patient upset and frequently in search of getting back into the same situation the very same day. Many communities are expanding the response to intervention by enacting a recovery-oriented system of care (ROSC). What this means is the focus isn’t simply on resuscitation, but to help the patient onto a path of recovery, and this typically means creating safe community spaces (e.g. a fire station), for patients to either get out of their environment so they can break their cycle of abuse, and/or give them a path to recovery that holds less fear of legal entanglement, embarrassment, and rehabilitation stigma. Using the HNC system as a kiosk in these centers for virtual abuse counseling can further streamline the process of getting the patient the help he or she needs.

Telehealth is quickly becoming an unlikely hero for increasing community paramedic efficiency and response to the opioid crises through its centralized electronic records and video capabilities. With HNC Virtual Solution’s heavy-duty EMS and Community Paramedic kit, you will see a reduction in readmission through better data analytics and streamlined record-keeping. HNC offers a lot of flexibility in this exciting new aspect of Telemedicine, so don’t hesitate to contact us to see this product in action and find out how it can work for you.