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At a press conference, this Wednesday, May 27th announced the arrival of the equipment product line of the company HNC Virtual Solutions, one of the most important in the world in this field, which can diagnose, monitor and manage the treatment of patients with long-distance specialists.

“Today is a historic day, it is the beginning of a new era in medicine, where Guízar and Valencia University and the Estrada family we present to this group of experts. The Estrada family have always been breaking stones and putting our sweat and effort on this earth. When many others flee, leave our land for different situations, we are here, here are our living and our dead, so I decided to make a huge investment in Guízar University and Valencia to assist in a key area, which is education. I decided to help young people instead of going to the crime, with tools to be better men and women, better parents and better citizens, “he said the lawyer Javier Estrada Gonzalez, announcing that the family decided now connoted support a priority sector for the people, that is health.

With the application of telemedicine technology, it is possible to reach a greater number of people in remote communities with lower cost and higher quality. People over scarce resources may have specialized care without spending on transportation and wait a long time for consultation of specialists, because a large part of the population has the possibility to move to the cities and spend that time and resource.