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Virtual Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do?
HNC Virtual Solutions, Inc. is a telemedicine solutions company who offers HIPAA/HITECH-compliant video consultations combined with the ability to capture, secure, and retrieve patient physiologies. Our primary objective is to redefine the way in which care is delivered by providing software that integrates with hardware devices to facilitate patient-doctor interactions outside the confines of the traditional care delivery model of the medical facility.

HNC’s telemedicine solution is much more affordable than other telemedicine systems in the market today. Through the use of off-the-shelf devices, coupled/paired with Dell computing devices, HNC’s solution is as powerful as it practical.

Diseases or Morbidities
HNC Virtual Solutions, Inc. offers a customizable mix and match of VideoDocTM tablets, computers and devices, though the following packages are tailored by the most common and most costly morbidities: CHF/COPD/Diabetes. We can integrate any clinical-grade device upon request, if not already part of our current devices. Other diseases and uses this system can be used to monitor are:

  • Triage
  • General Monitoring
  • Follow-Up Visits
  • CHF
  • COPD
  • CVD
  • LVAD Monitoring
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Telepsychiatry/Telemental
  • Cardiology
  • Pulmonology
  • Virtual Triage
  • Ophthalmology & Optometry
  • Orthopedics
  • Wound care & Examination

How Does It Connect?
Both use cases utilize medical devices that are connected to either a tablet computer or an all-in-one computer utilizing BluetoothTM or USB connections.  The video conferencing solution can be leveraged using WIFI, broadband, or LAN connections on these computers.

Cost Avoidance and Reimbursement 
Telemedicine also leads to viable cost savings for the hospital. Most hospitals operate on a 2% profit ratio, and using telemedicine can greatly reduce readmissions, leading to a larger profit margin each year. Medicare and Medicaid will pay for a limited number services furnished by a physician or practitioner to an eligible beneficiary via a telecommunications system. For eligible Telehealth services, the use of a telecommunications system substitutes for an in-person (face to face) encounter.

New website from the Centers for Connected Health.  It’s an interactive way to check every code, law and reimbursement policy for each state. 


Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of the patients as well as the needs of the healthcare professionals. The icons are designed to make the patient experience as easy to use as an ATM. When patients take readings at home, they simply click one of the large, easy-to-read buttons to upload their data to their healthcare professional. Their physiological data and vitals are sent to their healthcare professional from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in a secure HIPAA and HITECH encrypted environment, which integrates with EHRs.

The solution can connect using WIFI, broadband, or LAN connections. The ability to use a broadband connection means this telemedicine solution can be used anywhere.

HIPAA and HITECH compliant
All of our devices and products/services offer complete record retention and back up of computerized patient data. All patient data is encrypted via a military-grade, FIPS 140-2 Level 4 standard and is stored and backed up in our secure servers. Client https login and AD login secures retrieval on clinician side. Additionally, all virtual video exams are fully capable of being recorded and stored for future reference and second opinion consultations on secure servers. If a patient is not online, all data is securely encrypted for full store/forward capability.

Successful Pilots/Programs We Did
A pilot conducted with St. John Providence Health System that monitored 24 congestive heart failure patients; 12 of the patients received usual care (control group) and 12 patients received standard care (test group) and in addition, used the HNC telemedicine solution. The test group took their vital signs and uploaded them using the HNC VideoDoc, as well as participated in weekly virtual appointments with their doctor. After one month, 7 of the 12 patients in the control group had readmitted into the hospital, while just one of the 12 patients of the test group had readmitted, a 50% reduction.

A pilot conducted with the United Auto Workers/General Motors focused on diabetes. A diabetic population was selected from Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, and given our Remote Patient Monitoring solution. Each day they took their vital signs and participated in weekly virtual appointments with their doctor. After 6 months, there was a 9.5% decrease in HbA1C and a 35% decrease in LDL. Conservatively, this is a $8,600 cost savings per patient annually, and $111,600 savings in total.

Who are your customers?
Our customers consist of hospitals, health plans, assisted care facilities, rural and remote health clinics, living facilities, VIP/concierge, employer worksites government second opinion, schools, correctional facilities, emergency response services, and labor unions.