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Virtual Solutions


HNC Virtual Solutions is a fast-paced, highly-focused telemedicine development company located in Wixom, MI. HNC is composed of skilled system engineers, programmers, project specialists, and organizational managers, whose primary focus is to continue to design and implement Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions that are second to none. As a proud member of the J&B Medical Supply family of companies, HNC KNOWS technology AND Medicine.


There is an inflection point in the industry. Healthcare is changing, and the role of payers and providers is becoming blurred. As millions of patients are entering the market, the number of facilities and the healthcare professionals are decreasing. Something has to give, and we believe that a well-built and intuitive solution is part of the answer.

The cost to deploy technology has decreased.

  • Off the shelf mobile devices are much less expensive than purpose built devices of 2-3 years ago.
  • High-cost wired lines are now being replaced by 3G/4G mobile broadband.
  • Clinical-grade Bluetooth devices with FDA Compliance are decreasing in price, and increasing in ease of use.

Our mission is to deliver technology that is not only easy to use, but also empowers patients and healthcare professionals to collaborate on the management of their health, all while lowering costs and increasing the availability of healthcare. Our VideoDoc® solution provides an innovative virtual clinic that goes beyond video conferencing and consumer devices. VideoDoc® is, HIPAA and HITECH compliant and FDA and CE registered.

Professional Partnerships

J&B Medical Supply Company, Inc.
  • Direct distributor with over 880 manufacturers in 48 states and 29 countries
  • One of the Largest Medical Supplier for 3rd party payers in the United States
  • 6500 touch points daily with customers and services over 1 million patients annually
Hurley Hospital
  • Flint, Michigan’s premiere behavioral health teaching hospital
  • Utilizes HNC’s Tele-Psych Platform for virtual consultations for patients
Paulding Correctional Facility & Hospital
  • Paulding, Ohio cooperative between Paulding Correctional and Paulding Hospital
  • Utilizes HNC’s Kiosk solution to reduce unnecessary admission
Monroe Fire Dept. & Atrium Medical
  • First of its kind Telehealth Community Paramedic program rolling out in November 2018
  • Creates easily accessible electronic population health data and communication between the local EMS and Atrium Medical Center

Dell, Inc.

  • Dell Services was ranked by Gartner as #1 Worldwide IT Services provider in Healthcare for the 6th straight year.
  • Support greater than 6,000 U.S. hospitals, providing care to >90 million Americans
  • Support over 500 software, medical device, and scientific instruments partners

North Memorial Health

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota based teaching hospital
  • HNC Tele-stroke program implemented between North Memorial and local rural hospitals

National University

  • National University partnered with Salvation Army in Southern California to expand the Telehealth-powered outreach
  • Utilizing our mobile Telehealth Kiosks, National University is extending medical care to underserved and at-risk populations